Persuasive Essay Topics are strong essays designed to convince the reader that the point demonstrated is the correct opinion that others should share. Topics are typically controversial and often involve a combination of research and appealing writing. When developing a good persuasive essay topic, it is essential to avoid exaggeration and fallacies in reading. The paper must demonstrate critical thinking skills; however, it may be written less formally than research essays or literary essays. A successful persuasive essay writing will recognize that there are two or more sides to the belief the writer holds; however, the paper will demonstrate why the author’s point is the “right” side. A good essay will be developed to demonstrate the concept the writer hopes to persuade the audience with, as well as the information the writer hopes to dissuade the audience from believing.

Some good Persuasive Essay Topics will address “typical” issues, such as abortion, diversity balances in work places, women’s rights, or even abortion; however, even old arguments can be well written papers if supportive evidence demonstrates critical thinking and new research. Some experts of Persuasive Essays develop papers for magazines and newspapers. Journalists typically write articles that are not only informative but also persuasive to encourage readers to take action, such as in situations of increased homelessness or when social injustices have occurred. Many instructors assign Persuasive Essay projects to encourage students to develop a relationship with a topic. If the topic is not one you have chosen for yourself, you should research at least two studies or peer-reviewed papers that demonstrate the opposite view that you will be exploring.

While most Persuasive Essay Topics will address current conditions, successful essays may also be written about past events. Develop a persuasive article that demonstrates the relationship between Mayan and Egyptian histories and discoveries. Possibly argue the fall of the Roman Empire or Shakespeare’s true identity. Some topics can even be used to argue philosophical points such as Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs or Freud’s Superego theory. Any topic can be changed into a successful Persuasive Essay as long as it is fully supported by fact.

10 Examples of popular Persuasive Essay topics:

  • Immigration Policies
  • Minority Groups in Media
  • Cultural Imbalances in Education
  • Mass Media Influences on Elementary Students
  • Western Education Styles versus Eastern Philosophies
  • Nurture versus Nature
  • Abortion or Pro-Life
  • Religion in Schools
  • Manufacturing versus Environmental Concerns
  • Global Warming – Fiction or Non-Fiction

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