Response Essay Topics involve your particular reaction to a reading, movie, story, article, or any other source of information or communication. You might be asked to read a short article from a 1890s publication, and respond to it as if it was published in Sunday’s paper locally. In this case, you would have to consider how you feel about the article, what connotations particularly influence this opinion, and why you would feel this way as opposed to how readers felt during the original publication.

As you writer your Response Essay you will complete these types of sentences: my reaction was, I think that, I believe that, from my experience, when I read this, I thought about, it reminded me of, and it made me think about. Even though this is an opinion-based paper, it is still essential to develop solid reasons for your opinions and thought. “When I read Martin Luther King’s speech, I felt empowered; however, I could not relate to a time when I would refer to African American’s as ‘Negro’ and think that was particularly offensive to me.” You should also develop a relationship between previous readings and current understanding.

Response Essays may also be written on fictional literary works, such as books or poetry. Teachers might ask students to write a literary review that explains their viewpoints of what the main character in Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll, is and what different words in the poem seem to mean.

Finally, just like any paper you will develop, it is essential to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction must tell your audience what you watched, in a short summary. The body of the paper will add further details of the source; however, it is primarily used to put your responses in relationship with the specific information from the source. In addition, the body will allow you to develop relationships between the information and experiences of your own. Finally, the conclusion will not introduce new information, but sum up the points you have already defined.

10 Examples of popular Response Essay topics:

  • Responses to movies and documentaries
  • Recently released studies regarding medicine
  • New theories in Business environments
  • Articles regarding new technologies
  • Historical based readings demonstrating other opinions not commonly present
  • Fictional Stories, Poetry, Songs, or Fables
  • Recently released studies regarding diseases
  • Newspaper or Magazine articles
  • Other essays or reports by class members
  • Articles written by differing theorists

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