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The best speech topics will provide the audience with a working knowledge of the information you hope to use to convince them of your point of view. Many speeches are written to support an argument or to provide important information to your audience. It is essential when developing your speech to select a good topic, a topic you find interesting so that you will present it to your audience successfully. Consider a list of popular topics for your persuasive speech topics and informative speech topics. These topics should present evidence from your course work or other work that is demonstrative of your audience’s needs. For instance, you would not provide a room of teenagers with a speech topic regarding Elderly Citizen’s Buying Habits; however, a good topic would be Understanding How to Assist Elderly Citizens with Their Shopping Needs.

Remember that a good speech topic can be developed from any subject, as long as it is written to work with your target audience. Consider the needs of your audience – would your audience prefer an interesting speech topic regarding the most popular environmental applications in home environments, or the never-ending calls and advertisements asking viewers and listeners to provide money for important causes. You may find that you do not have a specific audience, because your interesting speech writing topic is only being developed for your class. This is still an opportunity to move your speech subject into an interesting topic that can surprise your classmates and impress your instructor.

Using up-to-date research, refine your subject to create a good speech topic that is easily supported by evidence, but also completely defined in your speech. You may want to do this by considering how many questions your audience will have regarding the topic in your speech. Consider speech topics that are interesting, but do not require a large learning curve. A good speech topic does not require more than one or two terms that will have to be defined for the audience. Finally, we have developed an excellent list of popular speech topic, and even some unique and interesting topics for you to consider for your excellent speech.

Examples of Popular Speech Topics:

  • Teen pregnancy rates in Title 1 school systems.
  • Hybrid vehicles and projected shortages of raw materials.
  • The cycle of trash, creating environmentally friendly home habits
  • Passing proficiency and standardized testing begins in elementary school.
  • Marketing changes due to the increased use of cell phone technologies.
  • Science fiction technologies available today – holographic keyboards and the future of computers.
  • Recognizing the key indicators to sexual harassment charges and providing employees with safe resources to report harassment.
  • Economic indicators influence organizational purchases such as Disney’s purchase of Marvel.
  • Computer literacy needs of high school students; entrance into the work force requires a working knowledge of computer applications.
  • Body images and increases in obesity rates, does the movement discouraging the use of overly thin models decrease the stigma once attached to weight?

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