Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Writing an undergraduate thesis will most often begin with a proposal approved by your instructor. The problem with a proposal is that some educators are not really considering your needs when they approve the proposal, which means you need to be certain of your topic and subject before you begin. Your undergraduate thesis will consist of five parts or chapters – the Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Discussion, and the Conclusion and Recommendations. The two largest chapters are the Literature Review and the Results and Discussion chapters. These chapters should equal half of your thesis, and the remaining three chapters the other half. Your topic must have enough research to complete the Introduction, including a brief history of the topic, and the Literature Review – where you will demonstrate how your topic has been researched before, other important studies involving your topic, and possibly interdisciplinary studies related to your topic. A poor selection for your topic can make it difficult to gather enough information for your thesis.

Select your topic using these questions – do I have access to enough information to fill two chapters? Will I be able to conduct a study regarding this topic, if required by the school? Does my topic fit into the requirements of my school? If you can answer positively for each question, write a sample paragraph or two that explains what you already know about your topic, what research you have seen on your topic and the access you have to methods for studying your topic. If you do not have access to people or organizations, it is better to select a topic that can be developed as a meta-analysis or a longitudinal study examining previous research on the topic. Once you have a game plan, you can refine your topic by reviewing current research on the topic and determining how best you can contribute to the body of knowledge. Is there limited amount of research on your topic? Has the theories and information changed over the years? Are societal changes creating a new definition of your topic? Did your topic recently play a part in any highly publicized events? Etc.

10 Examples of popular Undergraduate Thesis topics:

  • Retaining Top-Talent during Economic Recession.
  • Social Networking and the Millennials: Study of Cultural Variances.
  • Standardized Testing Implemented Worldwide: Changes in the Education Values or Success Rates of Schools.
  • Brand Marketing and Social Networking: Utilizing the New Communication Methods.
  • Adult Education: Personality Differences between Successful Completion of School and Dropouts.
  • Market Penetration of Wireless Technologies in South America: Challenges to a Growing Industry.
  • Parental Involvement in Schools Creates a Positive Environment for Learning.
  • Recent Links between Sanitary Measures and Allergies: Are Cleaning Products a Cause of Poor Health?
  • Senior Citizens and Pets: Emotional Health of Elderly Patients can be Improved by Pet Programs in Senior Homes and Daycares.
  • Baby Boomers Marketing Strategies are Similar to the Marketing Challenges of the Millennials.

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